ATEX plugs an socket outlets are products designed for potentially explosive atmosphere. They comply with the European Directive 94/9/EC. The explosive atmosphere is defined as a mixture of flammable substances gases, vapors, mists or dust with air under specific atmospheric conditions in which, after ingnition has occurred, combustion spreads to the flammable mixture.


De olika ATEX-direktiven. Från och med 20 april 2016 gäller att produkter som säljs på marknaden måste uppfylla de nya ATEX-direktiven. ATEX-direktivet utgörs av två direktiv som omfattar både tillverkare och användare, det finns två centrala direktiv som syftar till att skydda anläggningsvärden, miljö och personer genom att undvika explosion:

Rexroth gives you access to a wide variety of hydraulic and electric drives with ATEX certification. CZ Explosion-proof -24 years of the brand,Manufacturer of high-quality plastic explosion-proof Electrical appliances and lighting fixture; ATEX and IECEx certified ATEX. From the French ATmosphère EXplosible (Explosive Atmospheres), ATEX refers to a set of European Union (EU) directives regulating explosion protection. Learn more about ATEX.

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Explosive mixtures can come about intentionally or unintentionally during testing. Combustible, flammable and explosive  ATEX – Explosion protection. “Some products from our standard program have been modified for use in explosive atmospheres (areas). The products in this  de los documentos de Protección contra explosiones (DPCEx) éste es clasificación de zonas durante tareas de mantenimiento ( y por tanto el riesto ATEX).

Explosion Proof ATEX Zone 2 iPhone 11 (Pro) Increased Intrinsically Safe Explosion Safety II 3G ; Ex ec ic IIC T4 Gc All new from Atexxo Manufacturing, the Apple iPhone 11 pro and pro-max now suitable for use in hazardous locations. The explosion proof iPhones are originally manufactured by Apple than converted and certified according […]

Some products from our standard range have been modified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (areas). The products of this field have been approved  Motores a prueba de explosión con certificación ATEX recomendados para áreas peligrosas y explosiones de alto riesgo, como minas y plataformas petrole. Texelco has the solution for you. On our website you will find ATEX signaling lamps, ATEX explosion proof lamps and ATEX beacon, for a really complete offer .

Atex explosion

Passive Explosion Isolation Float Valve ATEX releases its highly anticipated passive float valve. The valve offers exceptional dust loading ability, a sealing system that does not require gaskets or replacement.

Atex explosion

ATEX Explosion-venting.

Atex explosion

Learn more about Alkè Atex vehicles! Encuentre toda la información del producto: refrigerador de gas Explosion Proof VRV Cooling System ATEX Zone 2 EX de la empresa Atexxo Manufacturing  ATEX guidelines ensure your safety.
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ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU is a «new approach» directive that applies to protective systems against explosions as well as all equipment used in or related to explosive atmospheres, such as electrical and non-electrical equipment, components and safety devices, control and adjustments necessary for the safe operation of this equipment and protective systems. If your company is selling, or plans to sell, products into Europe, then this informative webinar is for you.Professionals involved in the manufacture and de 2018-02-08 ATEX Explosion-Proof Freezer. White Papers. Analyze in detail our technical innovations and some industry practices.

In more and more application areas, protecting blowers against explosions is an indispensable prerequisite. Today, we complete our offer by proposing through ATEX CONSULTING the Design and the engineering of the complete explosion protection means and strategy necessary to meet the regulatory requirements related to the presence of explosive atmosphere.
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Produkt/utrustningsdirektivet, riktat mot tillverkare av utrustning, ska skydda människor mot risk för explosion och reglerar grundläggande 

Läs mer  Anvisningar för säker användning i explosionsfarliga miljöer. Funktion och egenskaper. • Användning i explosionsfarliga miljöer enligt klassificering.

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R5 ATEX – For Safe Operation in Explosion Hazard Areas. Robustness and reliability of operation are the outstanding qualities of R5 rotary vane vacuum pumps 

ATEX dust explosion fundamentals, explanation, ignition sources, how to avoid them and mitigate explosion effects ATEX / DSEAR / DHA study for assessment of powder explosion risks. Please access the Process Safety Handbook for more ressources. Question or remark ATEX 114. The second directive is ATEX 114 (2014/34/EU).